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NSHS Counseling



The Counseling Department is off for the summer and will return to NSHS on August 6th. If you need immediate assistance please contact the Main Office at 831-796-7500.

If you are a graduate and need to order an official transcript, please complete the following form or reach out to our registrar, Ms. Emily Mercado with any questions at

NSHS Transcript Order Form
Parent / Guardian Appointments

Parent / Guardian Appointments

Parent / Guardian Appointments
Parents or guardians can request to make an appointment with their student’s counselor through the following ways: 
  • Email counselor with a few dates and times that work for the family
  • Call (831) 796-7500 and ask to speak to the counseling secretary
Padres/ guardianes pueden solicitar una cita con el consejero/a de su estúdiate a través de las siguientes maneras: 
  • Envié un correo electrónico al consejero/a con algunas fechas y horarios que funcionen para su familia 
  • Llame al (831) 796-7500 y pida hablar con la secretaria del departamento de consejería 


Counseling Secretary
Lorena Martinez
(831) 796-7500 ext. 2617
Alpha: A - Ch and AVID 10th & 11th
Kristine Flores
(831) 796-7500 ext. 2613
Alpha: Ci - Godoy and Ag Pathway (FFA)
Nancy Saldana
(831) 796-7500 ext. 2615
Alpha: Gomez - Lopez and Scholar Academy
Sergio Tavizon
(831) 796-7500 ext. 2741
Alpha: Lor - Morales and ELD 11th & 12th
Arlene Vargas
(831) 796-7500 ext. 2616
Alpha: Moran - Ortega and Health Academy
Jovanna Sanchez
(831) 796-7500 ext. 2612
Alpha: Ortiz - Romero and ELD 9th & 10th
Nubia Sanchez
(831) 796-7500 ext. 2737
Alpha: Rosales - Z
Leslie Estrada
(831) 796-7500 ext. 2611
AVID 9th & 12th
Emily Oliver
(831) 796-7500 ext. 2614
Abraham Espinoza
(831) 796-7500 ext. 2754
Migrant Counselor
Belen Garcia
(831) 796-7500 ext. 1122
ROP/CTE Counselor
Noel Noroian
(831) 796-7500 ext. 2624